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[Announcements] Pre-Alfa Test: Beginning

Pre-Alfa Test Test Closed testing Announcements

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Отправлено 11 Январь 2017 - 22:05

Closed testing is coming!
"Continue to pull the impossible!" - with such appeal the whole society of players, fans of the game is the same game that appealed to game developers. Long waiting because of circumstances that have arisen during the development of the game in all those 2 years put of game developers before the fact: "Yes, on can not pull. Fans of the game, at least want to make sure of the realism of their dreams: the revival of the project". Therefore, the developers of the game have taken a very difficult decision: make an early start of the testing project!
At the moment for a full alpha test the game is not ready, so the game developers made concessions to fans of the game, thereby dividing himself the alpha test phase 2: Preview and Alpha test.
Alpha test is the basis of the game, when the exclusive availability of the minimum necessary to complete the work and opportunity to show its very idea and mechanics. This is a full game that has the game Client and Server, unlike the Preview.
What is it like Pre-Alfa Test?
As you can tell from the prefix Pre - the word Preview. Alfa Test is the initial stage of closed testing of the game, and as you can see in the word Alfa was intentionally misspelled by the game developers. Thus, they say openly that this is not a complete alpha testing in this stage will contain very many errors! Which testers have to find and identify all deficiencies.
That is, the game developers turn to You, dear fans, to have patience and be mentally prepared, as well as responsibly and with seriousness of approach to the testing of the game at this stage! You should not rely on the ready. You are given the opportunity to "guide the developers of the game to the True path" (to quote one of the fans of the game). Thus from the very beginning to make the game what it was in ancient times! And other players will be able to personally lead the revival of their favorite games!
As mentioned above, in Pre-Alfa Test neither the game client nor the server... "what?!" - You will ask. Response to game developers is: "There are components of the game (also referred to as Builds)".
Game components (builds) are whole chunks of content (maps, lobbies, etc.) that are part of the game client and the game in General. Them and will test the players. After that, all game components are assembled together in the game Client, and then start pre-testing and the full testing of the Network and its elements, and this is one of the next steps Pre-Alfa Test!
The first stage is Pre-Alfa Test that awaits players is "game Mechanics". This stage of testing, the game will affect the very foundations: the behavior of creeps, character control, battle management. This will be the first part of this stage. The rest of the game elements will be introduced gradually, after the elimination of critical mistakes that can critically affect the gameplay.
The timing of Pre-Alfa Test
In General closed testing, which includes Pre-Alfa Test, Alpha Test, Close Beta Test has no specific timetable. Each stage due to the wealth of content depending on this, you will transition to the next stage of testing. About stages of testing will be announced later on the official project's resources.
The timing of Pre-Alfa Test will take as much time as necessary. When assembled the game Client and tested the network and the game server (the last phase of Pre-Alfa Test). The project will proceed to the next stage!
In full swing preparing for Closed testing of the game!
16 December 2016 started preparations for the Pre-Alfa Test:
In social networks already there are contests posts, which draws the keys on Pre-Alfa Test! Don't miss your chance to become one of the first pioneers and faithful assistant of the developers of the game in creating the game what it was in ancient times!
The forum has opened a special closed section (attention! the link is active and only works for users, groups, alpha tester, beta tester, senior moderator, administrator, media) to testers on the forum! Which is TADAR team is happy to invite all players granted access. And remember that the main purpose of closed testing is to identify all the bugs in the game! It will be a very good test for many fans of the game: "Who can from beginning to end together with the game developers to go through fire, water and copper pipes?! It will have to show remarkable understanding and patience!"
Who has access? Who will be able to log into the game? And how to get it?
Access to the closed beta will receive all of the holders of the Keys regardless of the testing phase of the game, the winners of the different contests, and winners of special contests on the official Facebook page of the project. In addition, part of the keys will be distributed randomly among all players applying for the Closed testing (the set of testers will be announced on the official resources of the project!). These players will get a notification to specified mail. Make sure the post is relevant and you have access to it. 
In the future will be introduced Packs early access to the part of the players who will be ready to financially support the development of the project and to participate in Closed testing. Follow developments and news, as the number of packs early access may initially be strictly limited!
You are an active streamer and a fan of the game, You have your own channel on Youtube.com and Twitch.tv and the number of subscribers is more than 500 people?! You have the ability to Key is restricted (that is, the key provides access to the current stage of closed testing of the game, unlike conventional)! To obtain such a key, please contact the project on the forum or social networks. The most active and interested in game development streamers will be rewarded with the key to the game, which will provide full access to the game regardless of the testing phase of the game, as well as in-game gifts!
You can activate your purchased or won the key and start testing the game! After the first stage Pre-Alfa Test that's already here will start soon! The most active testers and streamers waiting for in-game gifts!

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