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[Announcements] Interview with the head of the project

News TADAR LOCO Land Of Chaos Online Interview

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Отправлено 16 Август 2015 - 18:05

Adventurers! Fans and former players, and future players!


Today at the forum published an interview with the head developer of the game, NTrix, which reveals the secrets and the upcoming changes to the game. That of which has been shed not a few tears when you close a game project. At the mention of that, after which remembered with a smile on your soul first victory and defeat and not only... interview, you will learn about Us, the release date of the game, the system requirements of the game, whether it's an exact copy of that same old game or a completely different game - the findings of which will make each for himself, whether a fan of the game or a former player, and possibly of interest to new adventurers and adrenaline!





About us and the project.

You are a group of people involved in the restoration project, or you belong to some big company like Mail.ru?

- "No, we are an independent group of developers and enthusiasts."

How did you decide the question of copyright?You break them, creating this game?

- "No, our project does not violate Copyright. We have our own (and) the Name and the Logo of the game, the Engine, the Design of the game, its facilities and details, Audio design of the game, the Characters and their story."
- "The mechanics of the game and the Idea will be saved, because In the Russian Legislation (the Civil Code) do not have these concepts."

When the project will be released in the first stage of testing?

- "The first stage of closed internal tests will be announced approximately in the fall / winter of 2015. After which the first closed alpha testing will be granted access to a limited number of persons who will be determined by the administration team of the project."

System requirements: Intel Core2Duo and above / 2048 Mb RAM / 256Mb Video 3D / Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1

The project will be completely Free to play.

- "Will be present inside the game store. Using Interkassa and Just you will be able to increase your balance for future purchases convenient for You way."

The game will be an exact copy of the old project?

- "No, because they have already answered the question about Copyright. As our project will be complemented by innovations (New characters, maps, and other game elements), which will be developed in the process."


Further answers to questions that are of interest to people who played in the early game.

Why TADAR called is an acronym?

- "Quite reasonably, it was decided to choose the species name: the name of the Game: Chronicles Game. Without updates it is impossible to do, but with each major release can be affected by the balance of forces in the world or into a new story, for all of this to provide, it was decided to introduce such concept as "the Chronicles" and change them at each global update.But the name of the game to choose was quite difficult because it had to be narrow, and cover all the events that happen in the world. Discussed a large number of the name (more than 100). In the end, it was decided to name the world in which the action will occur, because in this way we would cover all events and any conflicts in the future, content would not have arisen.Ultimately, the world title was chosen TADAR (according to legend, was founded by people from elven TIADAR - magic world). Had to choose the name of Chronicles. Since the game is slated to fight with evil spirits and different dark byakuya, Chronicles should associate with the word darkness. But if you look at a map for the game and the source of evil in it, it will be understood that it are just the same with darkness. Awakening Of Darkness - the awakening of darkness - evil only came into the world, and then how it will all evolve. Finally got TADAR: Awakening Of Darkness."

What all did a version of the game will be restored? Evolution or Original (i.e., classic) version?

- "The original (classical), the one that was on Ru Off. But new characters, different outfits, items and such will be put into the game development process. We will not dwell on the achievements of the old project and will be working on new weapons, armor, costumes, characters, maps, items, etc."

Next is an approximate characterization of changes that are waiting for the project or Vice versa, what will remain:
- The game will move to a newer engine - Unitу 5;
Function stop creeps fast teams will be temporarily disabled;
Card will not be identical with the old, high or similar alternative;
- The Alt-characters cannot be used for nicknames;
- Will be introduced clan battle;
- Will be highly processed system of auction for the item, falling after each match;
- Will arrangement all game tracks and a new voicing of characters;
- Voice chat;
- After death will also be available 3 character, initially selected in the lobby;
- Changed the system re-forging equipment, to change the characteristics of it;
- Scrolls to open skills will remain, it means that will remain the same 10 skills, 5 of which are closed;
- Purchase items from the shop at a great distance (at extra price) will be available as well;
- Fast runs when you double press the key moving forward will no longer;
- Will be saved drop feature (knocking off the feet) character attacked by combo attacks.

All the answers can also be found on our Facebook page:
First interview with the developers
Second interview with the developers
A third interview with the developers
Fourth interview with the developers

P. S. In one of the first reviews in the old project, it said "Assassin Dota”. Do you agree with this? Want to share about? Leave your comments in right in this thread.

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