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[Announcements] The 1St Pre-Alfa Test: The End!

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#1 OFFLINE   iRediKurou



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Отправлено 22 Октябрь 2017 - 18:16

The 1st stage of Pre-Alfa Test: Game Mechanics is over!


Dear Game Fans, players and Alpha testers!

The TADAR team is eager to announce the end of the 1st stage of Pre-Alpha Test: Game Mechanics!


The last day of Pre-Alpha Test took place 16th September, 2017, and now it is time to summarize the first stage of Closed game test.


The first stage was going on from 16th January, 2017 to 16th September, 2017 and took exactly 9 months!


During the 1st stage of Pre-Alpha Test we gave away 96 keys, processed 41 bug reports and fixed the errors, processed and approved 12 suggestions, conducted and got decisions from 3 surveys, worked through 2 technical reports, which led to optimization of the game.


Let us summarize this wonderful period by naming the most Active participants of the 1st stage of Pre-Alpha Test:


The 1st place: The highest and the most prestigious reward goes to the Best of the Alpha testers - mixit11, who gained 8 points! Congratulations!

He gets the Expert Pre-Alpha Test Reward - a distinctive sign on the Forum and the Expert's Equipment!


The 2nd place honourably goes to the most Active Pre-Alpha tester - Legend of Me, who managed to get 5,5 points!

He gets the Professional Pre-Alpha Test Reward - a distinctive sign on the Forum and the Professional's Equipment!


The 3rd place honourably goes to the second most Active Pre-Alpha tester - astrobiolog, who got 4 points!

She gets the Specialist Pre-Alpha Test Reward - a distinctive sign on the Forum and the Specialist's Equipment!


The from 4 th to 10 th place - Alpha testers did not participate in the closed testing of the game.


Additionally, we are announcing a list of the Forum users, who contributed to the development of the game as well:


ac9cbka - the European Forum moderator, who made the first contact with our European comrades. Gets the distinctive Diplomat sign!


HelenHennigan - the European Forum moderator, who specializes in professional text translation in order to make close connections with the European friends. She is awarded with the distinctive Consul award!


Archive has been developed to get acquainted with reports, suggestions and surveys, and quality of the completed work.


Thank you, dear Game Fans and Alpha testers for your priceless contribution to the game's development!


Forum rewards will be distributed to users after a long technical maintenance, which will last for about a week!

Game rewards will be given out as soon as there will be a technical possibility.


From this day we are getting prepared for the 2nd stage of Pre-Alfa Test! We are already working on the game's server and client!


Alpha testers will be greeted with a previously well-known map "Old Dragon", with will have an alternative map "Sand Dragon". It will be a good opportunity to test not only the game's server, but also the incipient game balance!

After executing the first steps of the 2nd stage, the usual map (Alpha Map) will be returned to the game.

Then all the game functions and game content will be introduced one after one!


Estimated time needed for the preparations is 2-3 months.


The 1st launch will be announced in Announcement approximately on 20th December, otherwise we will notify everyone of any changes in dates. Please follow the news!


In order to pass the time, on the official Facebook pages we will hold some art competitions, with the details coming soon!


At the moment, this is what awaits the Game Fans, community members and Alpha testers:


1. In 3 days the Forum will be cloded for a week-long technical maintenance. Additional Forum functions will be brought in, as well as some changes, a more complex registration system and riddance of spam-bots.

2. The first art competition on the official Facebook pages is starting in a week. It will last until 31th October.

3. On 1th November the second art competition will begin on the official Facebook pages, it will last until 30st November.

4. On 1st December we will a micro-selection of new Testers for technical game tests will occur. Time for that event will be allocated 20 days before the Announcement release date.


We count on more active participation in Closed Test and the project support!

The project's fate in all in the hand of the GAME FANS!



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#2 OFFLINE   Sebatodrusy



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Отправлено 05 Декабрь 2017 - 21:18

The first half of this year Ive hardly sold any factory finished mouldings over ?2 per foot.
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